Sunrise Seven

Sunrise Seven 1.2.61

Customize hidden options in Windows 7


  • Customizable menus
  • UAC Management
  • Offers changes to improve performance
  • Cleans caches
  • Changes many aspects of Windows 7


  • No help manual included

Very good

Sunrise Seven is an operating system optimization tool that makes accessing a variety of useful options on Windows 7 really simple.

To start out with, Sunrise Seven offers you the ability to create a restore point directly through its interface. This action is essential if you want to play around a little with Windows 7 without fear of disabling the system. You can restore it to how it was before the problem occurred. You'll find this option in a button on the bottom of the program's main window.

Sunrise Seven is divided into several sections. Essentially, Sunrise Seven can customize your Start menu, the Start menu button, context menus and the system UAC (User Account Controls).

Another important aspect of Sunrise Seven is the ability to disable Windows services that consume resources. You can also block certain features to prevent misuse of Windows 7 should you opt to share it with someone else. Seven Sunrise also offers the option to clean caches to speed up performance and gain some disk space.

It's unfortunate that such a useful tool doesn't come with a help manual. Beginning users might find using Sunrise Seven to its full potential a challenge as a result.

If you're comfortable with Windows 7 and want the opportunity to tweak certain settings within your operating system, Sunrise Seven gives you that option.

Sunrise Seven


Sunrise Seven 1.2.61

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